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Keeping youth inspired to learn in Saint John, New Brunswick

Nov 10, 2020

With the city of Saint John, New Brunswick facing Canada’s highest level of youth poverty, BGC Canada (formerly Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada) of Saint John continues to be an essential community resource, supporting local youth through a variety of programming.

Unable to activate in-person support for youth as COVID-19 hit, the club had to shut down its four locations. But with a $10,000 grant from the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, it was able to revamp Level Up, its educational program focusing on the importance of continuing education, even though learning looks different during the pandemic.

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"The funding from TELUS has helped us offer academic support to students in Saint John ... " - Executive Director, Amy Shanks

Our grant also allowed the club to hire more resources through the local university to run in-person play-based programs, deliver virtual literacy support sessions that encourage youth to embrace learning, and provide urgently needed educational support to the remote community of Belleisle.

“The TELUS Friendly Future Foundation enables our club to create programs we see a need for in the communities we serve. The funding from TELUS has helped us offer academic support to students in Saint John, it has also aided us in starting brand new programming in Belleisle, a rural community who lacks programs that offer enrichment for their youth.” Said Executive Director, Amy Shanks.

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Falling behind in their education is one of the highest risk factors for youth facing poverty. Through our grant, BGC of Saint John is able to continue offering programs that keep youth motivated and engaged.