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Educating female youth through STEM coding club workshops and camps

Feb 4, 2022

As the world becomes progressively more tech-focused, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education is essential to improving girls’ future economic security and prosperity across Canada. There is an alarming gender imbalance that persists in STEM-related fields. Women represent just 23% of STEM workers, a number that has increased by only 2% in 30 years, according to a recent report by McKinsey & Company

Since 2015, Hackergal has been paving the way toward increasing the percentage of women working in STEM-related fields by helping to ensure that girls, including trans students, as well as genderqueer and non-binary students, between the ages of eleven and eighteen have the knowledge they require before selecting elective courses in high school. 

“Too many girls don’t find an interest in tech mainly because they haven’t been given the opportunity to enjoy and explore it for themselves,'' says a program participant.  Learning critical tech skills now will unmistakably help girls impact tomorrow’s technological world.” 

With the support of a TELUS Friendly Future Foundation grant, Hackergal is providing coding programs across the country, creating a national movement that brings together girls learning to code. Through Hackergal Hub, Hackergal’s free online learning portal, youth and teachers supporting the program can access additional online resources. 

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3 teenage girls working together on a laptop

“With the support of TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, Hackergal is able to increase our reach and create better pathways to bring coding education to girls in underserved and marginalized communities. We know that digital literacy is a critical piece of improving the future economic security and prosperity of girls across Canada. Hackergal’s coding workshops build confidence and perseverance for girls as they learn to be creators of code no matter where they live and learn. We’re proud to be working with the Telus Family Foundation to break down barriers for girls and ultimately close the gender gap in tech” Lucy Ho, Hackergal Founder & Executive Director

Thanks to this grant, youth will be able to make an impact through technology and learning. This will aid in helping close the gender imbalance that persists in STEM-related fields

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