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Educating youth across Canada about human trafficking

Jul 15, 2022

A staggering 93% of Canada’s sex trafficking victims are Canadian-born. Since 2011, the Joy Smith Foundation has been working with the support of the TELUS Manitoba & Saskatchewan Community Board to provide access to information so that every Canadian man, woman and child is educated and empowered to stay safe from manipulation, force, or abuse of power designed to lure and exploit them in the sex trade or forced labour.

Thanks to additional funding from TELUS Future Friendly Foundation, the Joy Smith Foundation can continue transforming the lives of survivors of human trafficking in Canada while helping more Canadians understand human trafficking and how vulnerable youth under 18 are to it. A significant part of this effort involves educating Canadian youth in grades 5 - 12 about the perils of human trafficking and providing them with the life-saving knowledge and tools they need to avoid being lured into the sex trade. 

“The funding TELUS Friendly Future Foundation has provided has been of paramount importance in helping us expand our National Human Trafficking Education Centre and support the victims of human trafficking.” says founder Joy Smith. “TELUS is an amazing partner and has taken a leadership role in helping the victims of human trafficking.”

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