Photo of Samy smiling in front of her community housing.


Meet Samy, a TELUS Student Bursary recipient helping others belong

Apr 2, 2024

Immigrating to Canada at age 13 with her mother and two sisters, Samy spoke no English and felt alone as she missed her friends in Colombia. “Having to leave family, friends and everything I grew up with, it was very hard,” said Samy. “When I arrived in Canada, I didn’t know the culture or have any friends here. I didn’t feel like I belonged.”

Samy’s dream was to attend university in Canada. At age 14, she got her first job, and continued working throughout high school to save money for post-secondary education.

Now at age 19, Samy is pursuing a degree in physical and environmental sciences at the University of Toronto. Her goal after graduation is to pursue a Master of Environmental Science, and enter a career where she can help mitigate the impacts of climate change on future generations.

When Samy isn’t working or studying, she volunteers with her local BGC Club (formerly known as Boys and Girls Clubs) helping newcomer children adjust to life in Canada. “I volunteer to help kids who are new to Canada. Because I went through so many hard things, I just want to give young people the help I wish I had when I arrived.”

The TELUS Student Bursary takes pressure off of Samy, and allows her to focus more time on her studies and mentoring youth. It is empowering her to achieve her dreams, while freeing up time to volunteer, and help other newcomer youth feel like they belong.

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