A headshot of Clementine, a TELUS Student Bursary recipient, smiling with her arms crossed.


Meet Clementine, a TELUS Student Bursary recipient with big dreams

Jan 23, 2024
As a child taken into foster care at age nine, Clementine is the embodiment of resilience and strength. Now in her third year of studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Clementine is pursuing a double major in human rights and social justice, and women and gender studies — both of which are subjects close to her heart.
The odds were stacked against her as only eight out of every 1,000 Canadian kids in foster care graduate with any kind of post-secondary education. Through drive and determination, Clementine achieved her hard-fought dream of attending university and is now maintaining a near-perfect GPA. Her ultimate goal is to attain a PhD and transform the child welfare system — helping better enable the safety and dignity of children in care, ensuring the next generation has a different experience than she did.

Clementine’s journey with TELUS began when she transitioned out of foster care and received a cell phone and free mobility plan through TELUS
Mobility for Good®
, a program that helps youth aging out of foster care become independent while enabling them to stay in touch with friends and vital support networks. Now, her journey continues as one of the first recipients of the TELUS Student Bursary.
TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is proud to help relieve some of the financial burden of post-secondary education for students, like Clementine, who are on their way to change the world.
“Having the support of organizations like TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is one of the major reasons I am still in school. I have wanted to attend university ever since I was a child and, through immense determination, have made that dream come true. The kernel of that belief is based in the pain and hardship I have experienced and not wanting any other youth to experience it. If we don’t encourage education and personal growth, we miss out on the changemakers of tomorrow and the talent that is needed to really change the world. We owe it to these kids to help them flourish.”

- Clementine, TELUS Student Bursary recipient

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