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The TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is an independent registered charity dedicated to funding health and technology focused charitable programs in communities across Canada.

National, Territorial and Provincial Grants

Registered Canadian charities with a national, territorial or provincial scope are invited to apply for single-year funding of up to $200,000. These grants support health and technology initiatives for at-risk youth and other vulnerable Canadians.

Community Grants

Registered Canadian charities in a TELUS Community Board region are invited to apply for single-year funding of up to $20,000. These grants focus their support on local public health and technology programs in their region.

How to get funding

To apply for a grant:


Review the criteria and deadlines below


Complete the online application process


Receive funds for your organization


Help us build stronger communities


How to get funding for a National, Territorial and Provincial Grant 

We fund national, territorial and provincial initiatives from $20,000 up to $200,000 that enable at-risk youth and other vulnerable Canadians to achieve their full potential through health and technology initiatives.

Funding criteria

In order to receive funding, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Organizations must have charitable status (registered by the Canada Revenue Agency) and be directly involved in the delivery of the program;

  • Eligible programs must be national, territorial or provincial in scope, or be part of a coalition of organizations that will jointly undertake activities;

  • Programs should offer innovative approaches to addressing the needs of those being served, preferably through the use of technology; 

  • Due to the continued public health crisis, the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation will prioritize applications from charities providing COVID-19 support to vulnerable populations through public health care, social services and mental health and well-being programs.

Application deadlines

Applications are reviewed three times per year. Please allow 12 weeks following the application deadline to receive a response regarding your application status. Applications are due by midnight (your local time) on the following dates:  

  • February 28, 2021

  • May 1, 2021

  • September 1, 2021


How to get funding for a Community Grant

The TELUS Community Boards provide a collaborative and unique funding model enabling  local community leaders to share their valuable insights and make recommendations on grants supporting vulnerable populations across Canada. Preference is given to community-based health programs creating opportunities for at-risk youth that can best demonstrate the use of technology to increase the impact of their programs.

Funding criteria

To qualify for funding, your organization meets the following criteria:  

  • You are a Canada Revenue Agency registered charity located and operating within a TELUS Community Board region with a stated focus on serving at-risk youth or vulnerable populations;

  • Your program will achieve success with a single-year grant of up to $20,000, with the exception of the TELUS Barrie & Simcoe County Community Board whose maximum grant is $10,000;

  • Your programs create measurable community health and technology outcomes; 

  • Your organization has not submitted more than one application per calendar year and has not received funding within the last 24 months.

Requests considered ineligible for TELUS Community Board grants include: 

  • Fiduciary intermediary relationships, where a non-profit organization leverages the charitable status of another registered charity;

  • Community-based programs of religious organizations who are unable to show a history of non-denominational participation by the broader community;

  • Programs in the process of seeking a grant from the TELUS Friendly Future National, Territorial and Provincial Grants program;

  • Requests for TELUS products and services or laptops, tablets and mobile phones;

  • Requests for sponsorships, retroactive funding and international programs.

Application deadlines

Please note: The application deadline time on the dates listed is midnight in the local time zone.

British Columbia

Victoria Community Board

  • April 20

  • August 6

  • September 22

Vancouver Community Board

  • January 29

  • April 2

  • July 30

  • September 17

Thompson Okanagan Community Board

  • January 15

  • July 20

  • September 10


Edmonton Community Board

  • January 15

  • March 12

  • August 16

Calgary Community Board

  • March 20

  • July 20

  • September 2


Manitoba Community Board

  • January 1

  • April 1

  • August 5


Greater Toronto Area Community Board

  • January 27

  • March 31

  • August 4

  • September 16

Barrie and Simcoe County Community Board

  • March 12

  • August 13

Ottawa Community Board

  • April 16

  • September 8


Montreal Community Board

  • January 18

  • March 26

  • July 23

  • September 6

Rimouski Community Board

  • February 5

  • July 9

  • September 24

Quebec City Community Board

  • January 29

  • July 9

  • September 24

Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada Community Board

  • January 15

  • July 15

  • October 1

Ineligible applicants

Organizations and programs considered ineligible for grants from the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation and the TELUS Community Boards:

  • Religious or sectarian organizations except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services

  • Retroactive requests or activities that take place outside of Canada 

  • Requests for capital campaigns, endowments or debt reduction campaigns 

  • Funding for individuals or competitive sports teams and goodwill advertising

  • Sponsorship requests