Community Grants

Registered charities can apply for funding from one of 13 TELUS Community Boards across Canada, which help empower vulnerable youth through enhanced access to connectivity, technology and educational programs.

The TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is proud to support projects and programs that positively impact the lives of youth in need. In 2020, we will be providing additional granting opportunities for projects that are provincial or national in scope. Please be sure to follow us on social media for the very latest news on these exciting opportunities.

How to get funded?

TELUS Community Boards award once-a-year regional grants of up to $20,000 towards addressing existing or emerging issues faced by our most vulnerable populations, especially at-risk youth.


Review the criteria and deadlines below


Complete the online application process


Receive funds for your organization


Help us build stronger communities

Funding criteria

Working in partnership with the 13 Canadian TELUS Community Boards, we fund local charities that help Canadian youth succeed through innovative technology, health and educational programs. In order to receive funding, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Focus on enabling youth to succeed

  • Align with our interest in health and education

  • Demonstrate technological or social innovation in program delivery

  • Define and measure social outcomes

Funding requirements:

  • Charities must be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a Canadian registered charity or qualified donee to apply for funding. For more information please visit Revenue Canada’s website. 

  • We will consider requests for funding up to $20,000; with the exception of the TELUS Barrie Community Board, whose maximum grant is $10,000

  • Funding for capital investments must directly support youth programs and involve technology and/or social innovation.

Organizations and programs considered ineligible for a Canadian TELUS Community Board grant: 

  • Religious or sectarian organizations (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services), advocacy and special interest groups 

  • Retroactive requests or events and activities that take place outside of Canada 

  • Donations to capital campaigns, endowments or debt reduction campaigns 

  • Funding for individuals or competitive sports teams, goodwill advertising, travel expenses, or beauty pageants

Please note: The TELUS Community Boards only reviews grants to registered Canadian charities that support youth programming and are unable to support requests for sponsorships.

2020 application deadlines

Please note the application deadline time on the dates listed is midnight in the local time zone.

British Columbia

Victoria Community Board

  • February 3

  • April 27

  • August 31

Vancouver Community Board

  • January 31

  • May 1

  • July 31

  • October 2

Thompson Okanagan Community Board

  • January 17

  • April 24

  • September 11


Edmonton Community Board

  • February 7

  • July 27

  • October 5

Calgary Community Board

  • February 25

  • August 29

  • September 15


Manitoba Community Board

  • January 8

  • April 8

  • July 15


Greater Toronto Area Community Board

  • January 13

  • April 9

  • August 5

  • October 6

Barrie Community Board

  • March 31

  • July 30

  • October 1

Ottawa Community Board

  • January 30

  • May 1

  • October 8


Montreal Community Board

  • January 15

  • April 24

  • August 7

  • October 9

Rimouski Community Board

  • January 17

  • May 8

  • October 9

Quebec City Community Board

  • January 17

  • May 15

  • October 16

Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada Community Board

  • January 15

  • March 31

  • July 31

  • September 30